About Heritage Lawn & Tree Care

Heritage Lawn & Tree Care is a small family owned and operated company established in July of 2000.  Each technician has a comprehensive education and continuous training in our field of services.  Our technicians are not paid on commission.  We believe in business the old-fashioned way.  One-on-one personal service where we stand behind what we do on a simple principle: treat people the way you would want to be treated.  Customers are not just account numbers, they are members of the community.  Our Team members are also members of the community. We worship with you, buy groceries where you do, and our kids play sports together.  We customize our services to your specific needs, rather than a one size fits all.  It is our HERITAGE on the line.

Member of:  Better Business Bureau, The City Salesmen's Club of Birmingham, Alabama Vegetation Management, Botanical Gardens, Alabama Landscape Nursery Association, and Greater Birmingham Association of Landscape Professionals.

Address:  P. O. Box 381293, Birmingham, AL  35238
Phone:  205-995-3331 office and fax
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Debbie Arnold
Glen Arnold
Hunter Lang
Billy Gurubel
Richard Duell

Healthy Grass

Healthy Lawn

Our clients enjoy healthy lawns because of our extensive knowledge of complete care. Contact Heritage to discover how your lawn can benefit from that knowledge.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management is an oft-misunderstood, highly specialized area of our business. Your facilities can be improved through this process, allowing you to spend less on maintenance and upkeep.