Don't Forget Your Roots


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Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are living, breathing creations, just like you and I. Plants will respond tremendously to slow-release fertilizers that are applied on a consistent basis, year after year. This fertilization process allows the nutrients to penetrate the ground to feed the plant over an extended period of time, resulting in a process that keeps the plants healthy, and allows them to grow vigorously.

Insects (scale, bores, Japanese beetles, white flies, aphids, leaf miners, etc.) and diseases (pythium, powdery mildew, fungi, seredium canker, etc.) both attack weak, stressed plants. This is similar to how pathogens can attack the human body when it is weak. The lesson is that if you fertilize your plants on a consistent basis and do preventive insecticide applications, your plants should thrive and be healthy. Note that a plant’s health is also a response of plant location, watering and mulching processes.

Don’t Forget Your Roots